Responding to IC Roadie Prompts

As part of my pre-arrival training for being an Invisible Children roadie, we have to post replies to the blogs that are set up for us.  Here are my first two:

The first prompt was simply, "Why are you here?" (keep under 200 words) My response -----

First, a Haiku:

The Son compels me
“Take the plow child, don’t look back”
Adventure looms here

When I first watched the rough-cut documentary over four years ago, it was like a switch flipped inside me from a life of apathy to engagement. Like many people, I just could not walk away and pretend that didn’t just happen. Not long afterward, I began a renewed life in Christ and have been learning what it takes to follow Him and exemplify devotion like Luke 9:62 – not easy. Laboring for IC and the Lord has always been very challenging yet so rewarding.

But I am here not just because of a great cause, story, or adventure, but because it would be sheer wastefulness to return to apathy and not pursue the passions God has placed in my heart and has given me the tools to labor for His Kingdom. I am thankful that He always remains faithful to the desires and prayers that we have, even though it happens on His clock for His purposes. I have hoped for this day for quite a while; it is truly a blessing to say I am a Roadie. 

The second prompt was to read and understand the timeline of the organization's history, and then talk about either some event you missed that you wish you could've attended, or an event that you were at and  something wonderful about it.  I did both:

Short of traveling to Uganda, the one event that would've been a great addition in my life is The Rescue Riders. As the event chair in Orlando FL, I didn't really have the ability to abandon our 1,000+ attendees and board the Roadie van & caravan; responsibility came first. But if I could have done it, I would have. What dedication.

I'm ever thankful and like to reminisce on how things went in planning Orlando's GNC, DMe, TR, and Lobby Day caravan, but one blessing stands out among all my experiences with event coordination, and it happened at Displace Me: The reward of looking up from my clipboard to witness an seemingly endless circle of hundreds of people holding hands as they prayed during the 21 minutes of silence. THIS WAS NOT PROMPTED FROM THE STAGE. I had just returned to the main stage after a first aid scare, and couldn't believe my eyes. THIS was what it was all about; THIS is what will bring change to the lives of the Ugandans; THIS is LOVE.

(The magic happens at 1 min 57 seconds!)

I still get choked up every time I think about this.